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This was a project for my Senior Graphic Design class. The Visual Voices seminar, a mandatory seminar all students take to graduate from the arts, was looking to re-brand so they could expand out to students who do not have to attend the seminars, as well as make the seminars more exciting for students who are required to attend. Our objective was to increase campus wide awareness and visibility for the seminar, and to advertise the visiting artists who are coming to speak. 

There are two designs for Visual Voices; the spring semester, shown with vibrant greens and blues, and the fall semester, denoted by the muted browns and orange. These colors are based on approved color schemes from within George Mason's own graphic standards guide. The different color schemes were chosen to help differentiate the two semesters.


(Left: Spring Semester | Right: Fall Semester)

Visual Voices-05.png
jc banner_7_Page_1.png
Visual Voices-06.png
jc banner_7_Page_2.png

Banner Context/Scale


Student Stamp Card/Personalized Stamp

Visual Voices-03.png
Visual Voices-03.png
Visual Voices-04.png

Informative Postcard

Visual Voices-07.png
Visual Voices-09.png
Visual Voices-08.png
Visual Voices-10.png

Gift Collateral (T-Shirts & Tote Bags)

Visual Voices-01.png
Visual Voices-02.png
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