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The National Blades is a skating team in Prince William County for whom I have regularly designed t-shirts, medals, pins, and various other collateral for the past few years. Their main design focus is on American imagery, highlighting the team's proximity to the Capital. The pineapple is a team symbol used to represent welcome and hospitality. 


2019 Team Pin Design

2020 Blades in Synch Medal Design

OJ 2019-20.PNG
Synchro Skills 2019-20.PNG
PJ 2019-20.PNG

2019-20 Season Team Theme T-Shirt Designs

Snowplow 2019-20.PNG
Haymarket National Blades 2019-20.PNG

2018 Team Pin Designs

National Blades_Pins.png
National Blades_Pins.png

20 Year Anniversary T-Shirt Design
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