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Game Reel 2017

This a collection of games that were made while studying at George Mason University. The first is Cristal, a 2.5D platformer made as a Senior Capstone Project in Unity with a team of three people. It is about a young magical girl collecting shards of the ocean cristal in order to save her land. On that project I was team lead/art director, character modeler, and animator.


The second is Cat Attack, a 2D game made in Unity about taking out stacks of medieval cats with your yarn canon in order to help the infiltrate the dogs castle. This was a two person effort. My responsibilities were 2D art assets and game design documentation.


The third game is Tanks vs. Kittens, a Senior Capstone game made in Unity that I was recruited on as a 2D environment artist to work on with two visiting students from Mason's sister Game Design program in Scotland. In the game, you play as a tanker that has to take out the kitten legion that threatens to take over the countryside. 

Sound Reel 2016

This sound design demo shows two different projects that I worked on at George Mason University. The first is a Senior Capstone animation that I was recruited to work on as a sound designer. I was the studio engineer recording all of the voice actor's performance, created sound effects, went on location in the DC metro to do environmental recording, and mixed the final version of the animation for the Senior Show in Spring 2016.

The second is a project in which we had to replace all of the sound from an existing video. I chose to do the Dragon Age 2 trailer. I recorded myself playing the French horn for the music track, the voice actors, the sound effects, and mixed all of them together for the final product.

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